Roasted Apple and Chicken Panini

This roasted apple and chicken panini is full of flavor and makes the perfect lunch or dinner. It has tender, roasted apples, thinly sliced chicken, caramelized sweet onion, toasted pecans and melty Muenster cheese.

Ingredients Needed: apples butter maple syrup chili powder onion apricot preserves dijon mustard chicken Muenster cheese pecans sourdough

Step 1: Combine apples, butter, maple syrup, chili powder, salt and pepper.

Step 2: Roast until tender and starting to brown.

Step 3: Caramelize onions and add apricot preserves and dijon mustard.

Step 4: Pile on cheese, apples, chicken, onions, pecans, and more cheese.  Cook on panini press until toasted.

Step 5: Slice in half and enjoy!