Boursin Mashed Potatoes

These super easy Boursin Mashed Potatoes are the most delicious side dish for nearly any meal. The potatoes are mashed with creamy Boursin cheese and topped with crispy shallots and chives.

Ingredients Needed: olive oil butter shallots potatoes Boursin cheese heavy whipping cream salt and pepper chives

Step 1: Saute shallots in melted butter and olive oil until golden brown.

Step 2: Transfer shallots to paper towel lined plate to cool.

Step 3: Cut potatoes into large chunks and place in large stock pot.

Step 4: Cover potatoes with water and heat over high heat until boiling.  Then reduce heat and simmer until tender.

Step 5: Drain potatoes and place in large bowl.

Step 6: Add the whipping cream, Boursin cheese, butter, salt and pepper to the bowl.

Step 7: Use a potato masher or hand mixer to mix ingredients together until desired consistency.

Step 8: Top with crispy shallots and snipped chives.

Step 9: Enjoy!